Fabulous Foodies


Living life on a fast pace, requires eating on an even faster one. Popping in for a quick lunch is something most Capetonians do on a regular basis. There’s so many good spots in and around the CBD area, but time efficiency plays a huge roll in your choice of restaurant during lunch time rush.… Read More LUNCH | ON THE GO

Something Sporty


As we’re nearing the end of the year, people are slowly but surely getting into the holiday vibe. They’ve already started filling up Clifton beaches whenever the weather allows. BUT it’s been a long winter and not everyone’s keen on showing off the few extras they’ve put on. With that being said, its time to… Read More BEACH | BOOTY



It’s wedding season. An event most women have been dreaming of their whole life. If you’re a bride to be this post is definitely for you. Prophouse is a new store where you can hire stunning props for your big day. But since not all of us is getting married, they cater for any events.… Read More PROPHOUSE