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Introducing Sunkissed Chokers, a proud product of my own hands. As a little girl, I used to love doing beadwork. If it was your birthday you could almost be sure to get one of my creations. It being a stunning necklace is not something I would vouch for. It’s still an inside joke that my family felt obliged to wear my necklaces.

Moving away from my traditional glass beads as a young girl, I now only make chokers, a fashion trend I fell in love with. There’s something sexy and mysterious about wearing chokers compared to other necklaces.

I make chokers using leather, suede, lace, velvet and just about anything you can tie around your neck and still look good in. I supply the ladies at Fabric City with a weekly dose of laughter, as I run back an forth from the shelf to a mirror, trying to figure out what fabric looks best around my neck.

Leather and pendants

Favourites, is the Nude Suede and Stone choker. I found that this choker suites a wide variety of women and age groups.

Nude Suede and Stone choker

I will carry on delivering one of a kind and unique chokers at affordable prices.

You can Shop these chokers on Facebook & Instagram at Shop Sunkissed and occasional Pop-Ups will be announced on these social media platforms.

Sunkissed POP-UP

Happy client

PS- Remember to use the hashtag #Sunkissedchokers and tag @Shop_Sunkissedct(Instagram) @Shopsunkissedct (Facebook) when wearing one of your babies.


Arina xx

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