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Revitalize with Swiitchbeauty


After a long week filled with roller-coaster emotions and way more stress than I can handle, I decided to pamper myself with one of the SWIITCHBEAUTY skincare products.  Without hesitation I chose their CITRUS PARADISI mask. The word REVITALIZING in bold print on the label was just what I needed.

The CITRUS PARADISI mask with 100% pure grapefruit extract, contains high content levels of Vitamin E and vitamin C, promising to leave you with revitalized, refreshed and radiant results. This was music to my ears and led to me ripping the packet open and unfolding the sleeve filled with magic. I placed the mask on my face and laid down for 20 minutes allowing it to work wonders on my skin. After removing the mask, my skin felt soft and radiant, ready for the week to come.

I recommend this product, as it truly left my skin feeling super soft and refreshed. I cant wait to try their other skincare products and tell you all about it.

Some of the skincare masks


Me enjoying my mask

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