Fashion forward


I’ve had the privilege to play dress up with the stunning clothes of Courage and Candy in Stellenbosch. Their clothes are completely different to my normal style, but I loved every moment of the transformation. Their clothes have a laidback and relaxed feel, very surfer / long board girl. I think they are perfectly situated… Read More COURAGE & CANDY

Fabulous Foodies


In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my go-to smoothie. It’s one of my favourites that I always go back to. I enjoy this smoothie, because I’m obsessed with peanut butter,  it’s super easy to make and really fills me up. Go–to Smoothie ingredients: 1 cup milk 2 tbls peanut butter 2 tbls granola 1 tbls… Read More GO-TO SMOOTHIE

Fabulous Foodies


Getting something healthy to drink can be tricky these days, as most drinks contain unbelievable amounts of sugar. This can be upsetting at times, because I try my best to avoid gassy sodas and sugar filled juices. In the end water is usually my option left to drink. My friend introduced me to her homemade… Read More HEALTHY | REFRESHMENT

Blissful Beauty


A while back I tested the Bio series of Lamarie professional. I decided to wait with my review of this product, because I wanted to be 100% sure before recommending it to other women. After trying out another skincare range, I now miss the way my skin felt whilst using Lamarie’s Bio- Restore Serum and… Read More LAMARIE | FACE CARE

Fabulous Foodies


Last week my friend and I decided to go to a Knead bakery. After receiving the menu, I knew they had me at “breakfast all day”. I am a lover of breakfast all day and Knead bakeries are one of the few restaurants that offer this.  We honestly battled making a decision on what to… Read More KNEAD | BAKERY

Something Sporty


After a long December holiday, most of our new year’s resolutions include shaking off unwanted pounds we gained during the festive season. BUT struggling to get into things, usually lead to January not being a successful weight loss month. So, let’s put our hopes on February. I am sure most of you are back into… Read More HIIT | FAT BURNER

Fabulous Foodies


Living life on a fast pace, requires eating on an even faster one. Popping in for a quick lunch is something most Capetonians do on a regular basis. There’s so many good spots in and around the CBD area, but time efficiency plays a huge roll in your choice of restaurant during lunch time rush.… Read More LUNCH | ON THE GO

Let's travel


During the summer holiday, my boyfriend and I took a road trip from Cape Town to Swakopmund, Namibia. With 1833km ahead of us we took to the road on Thursday the 14th of December. Excited about the holiday we easily made it to our first sleepover spot in Keetmanshoop. A small town 300km into Namibia.… Read More CAPE | NAMIBIA